Judul/Title: Local Action Global Change: Learning about the Human Rights of Women and Girls
Penulis/Author: Julie Mertus
Penerbit/Publisher: UNIFEM And The Center For Women's Global Leadership
Edisi/Edition: 1999
Halaman/Pages: 254
Dimensi/Dimension: 22 x 28 x 2cm
Bahasa/Language: English
Call No.: 341/Mer/l/C.1
Status: Ada/Available

"Women rights are human rights" has become an important rallying cry for women around the world in the 1990's. It expresses both women's determination to claim our full birthright as one half of humanity and our exasperation that such an obvious assertion has taken so long to gain international acceptance. As the recognition of women's and girl's human rights has grown over the past decade, so too has the need for more works that explore and expound upon their meaning.

Local Action Global Change speaks to this need through human right educational materials that explain and gives examples of issues in women's human rights, while also providing exercises that allow for exploration of the particular ways in which these question affect the lives of any group of women or men, girls or boys.

The idea that women's right are human rights is at once both simplex and complex. Its power lies in the fact that is simultaneously ordinary and revolutionary. On the one hand, it makes common sense to declare that as human beings, women and girls have human rights. On the other hand, its a radical reclamation of our humanity and right to equality which has transformative potential. The full incorporation of women's and girls' live into human rights practice exposes the failures of countries worldwide to accord females the human dignity and respect they deserve simply as human beings. A human rights framework also provides tools to define, analyze, and articulate women's experiences of violation and to demand redress in ways already recognized by the international community. Finally, it provides a common framework for bringing together women's diverse experiences and developing a wide array of strategies for change.



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