Judul/Title: A Nation in Waiting: Indonesia in the 1990s
Penulis/Author: Adam Schwarz
Penerbit/Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Edisi/Edition: I, 1994
Dimensi/Dimension: 14 x 21.5 x 2.5cm
Bahasa/Language: English
Harga/Price:Rp 150.000,-
Call No.: 959.8/Sch/n/C.1
Status: Ada/Available

A Nation in Waiting lifts the veil on Indonesia, Southeast Asia's quiet giant. Written in an engaging and easy-to-read style, it captures the fascinating debate in Indonesia today on where the nation is heading. Spanning a wide variety of contemporary issues, it offers a detailed and thought-provoking glimpse of one of the world's largest and least understood nations. It chronicles the impressive economic development Indonesia has enjoyed under the 27-year leadership of President Soeharto as well as the difficult challenges which lie ahead.

Using a wealth of first-hand information, Adam Schwarz gives life to the heated debates on economic policy, corruption and the controversial role of ethnic-Chinese entrepreneurs. The book analyses the political demand of Indonesia's Muslim community, the mishandled incorporation of East Timor, the emerging debate on human rights, and the thorny problem of arranging a smooth transition of power. The underlying theme of the book is the widening gap between an increasingly modernised economy and a rigid political system that is struggling to keep up with the times. The task of matching political development with economic growth will be the central challenge forthis enigmatic country in the 1990s. All those with an interest in Indonesia will find in this book invaluable insights into how politics and business are conducted in the world's fourth largest nation.

Adam Schwarz reported on Indonesia for the Far Eastern Economic Review from 1988 to 1992. Having enjoyed wide access to many of Indonesia's leaders and most prominent citizens, he now offers a rare behind-the-scenes view of Indonesia in which 'Indonesia voices' tell the story.



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