NEW PATIO DESIGN, Llorenc Bonet [ed.]

Judul/Title: New Patio Design
Penulis/Author: Llorenc Bonet [ed.]
Penerbit/Publisher: Daab
Edisi/Edition: 2005
Halaman/Pages: 189
Dimensi/Dimension: 16.5 x 18.5 x 2 cm
Bahasa/Language: English
Call No.: 728/Bon/n/C.1
Status: Ada/Available


As we've come to expect from this excellent handbag-friendly series, Daab give us text-free photo 'n' plan documentation of 31 projects from around the world. This time it is the turn of the patio to get the treatment. Featured architects include Kengo Kuma and MCP Arquitectura. Here Daab explain their ideas concerning patios:-

"The patio is an outdoor space situated within a house that can have a number of uses, although in the past it served merely as a distributor of space of for ventilating and illuminating the parts furthers away from the facade with natural light. Nowadays, architects have rethought this space and have adapted it to new uses, even in regions with a cool climate and less tradition of living outdoors. The sensation of spaciousness and good lighting acquired by a home giving on to a patio, however small, is one of the reasons why the latter has become more widespread. The patio can also serve to seperate the daytime area from the night-time one, or ensure that an outdoor space can be enjoyed free from prying eyes. So, the patio has become one more room in a house, standing out from the others through its lack of roof and its primary function as a place intended for relaxation."



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