NEW STUDIO DESIGN, Anja Llorella [ed.]

Judul/Title: New Studio Design
Penulis/Author: Anja Llorella [ed.]
Penerbit/Publisher: Daab
Edisi/Edition: 2006
Halaman/Pages: 189
Dimensi/Dimension: 16.5 x 18.5 x 2 cm
Bahasa/Language: English
Call No.: 728/Llo/n/C.1
Status: Ada/Available


A more flexible lifestyle, increasing rents and a greater number of single-person homes have all meant that apartments, especially in big cities, have been reduced to a single room. This does not necessarily have to be a disadvantage however. The use of space can be optimised with an intelligent design; minimalist amenities, made-to-measure furniture and predominantly light colours are three basic ingredients of any studio flat, where the premise is to do without all that is superfluous. This book presents 21 projects of space-saving, contemporary and urban design to show how trendy and functional a room can be furnished.

Furnished with high quality photographs and small plan diagrams, this little book is full of interior design ideas for the modern living space.



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