SEX IN THE SOVIET UNION, Mikhail Stern and August Stern

Judul/Title: Sex in the Soviet Union
Penulis/Author: Mikhail Stern and August Stern
Penerbit/Publisher: W.H. Allen & Co
Edisi/Edition: 1981
Halaman/Pages: 221
Dimensi/Dimension: 14 x 22 x 2cm
Bahasa/Language: English
Call No.: 306.7/Ste/s/C.1
Status: Ada/Available


Sexuality in the Soviet Union --this is the subject of my book.

How we make love, how and why we marry, how we commit rape, how we lie, how we search after the truth, how we percieve the sexual realities of the West...

Sexuality in the land of the Soviets, wheter normal or pathological, wheter that of free man or that of prisoners, wheter that of ordinary people or that of the privilleged...

Marriage, divorce, the first sexual emotions of the young when they encounter the opposite sex...Women's liberation -- does exist in the USSR? and homosexuality?

And those relaxing weekends in the country enjoyed by the top people in the regime, far from prying eyes...



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